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12.18.2012 – Inspired by Andy Warhol’s original concept featuring the Campbell Soup art Secret Fresh released a limited edition exclusive version that was done by local artist Tim Tan. The can is as big as a Boysen paint bucket features the “Secret Fresh Condensed Cream of Tim Tan Soup?!”

There were also several colored variations of the said can which was produced under 30 pieces that was sold out. For those who have enough budget to shell out PhP 5,000.00 pesos this must be close enough to get an art toy featuring Tim Tan’s re-invention of the Campbell Soup art from Secret Fresh!

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This is much humorous as well as retrospective of a reminder how Andy Warhol became an iconic pop artist. The colored variation is priced more than the standard “Tim Tan Soup” whereas instead of his named on the fine print it can be customized for you.

Tim Tan’s very first toy has been sold out immediately within the day being pre-ordered prior to the launch day which also featured Christian Tamandong’s solo exhibit “Middle of Nowhere.”

Unfortunately the smaller versions of the can is released in limited quantities which would have a higher value and interest for those who definitely has the interest in acquiring such a rare piece of art done by Tim Tan and if you’re one of the fortunate ones who has brought his creations on the spot he will sign it also for you complete with paper bag packaging.

The Secret Fresh exclusive “New Flavor” was definitely a hit among collectors now that it’s already sold out but if you’re curious about the can and it content… Well fear not just an ordinary can that is nothing more than expecting something unlike “Tim Tan’s Soup.”

But we leave your imaginations run free to what really interesting about a can of cream soup that has Tim Tan’s name on it.

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