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12.17.2012 – Transport yourself to a place of wonder in the “Middle of Nowhere” you’ll find a whimsical world created by Christian Tamandong. The main gallery on the 2nd floor of Secret Fresh was transformed into the world of joy and smiles.

The creations took two month to make and a lot of labor of love. Certainly these are quite fresh to the perspective as the eye can see and only Christian Tamandong knows the entire story. The opening of his current solo exhibit runs for the next two weeks it feels you’re not in Kansas anymore.

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The Paley Pils Toys make its return in oversized form coming out in three color variations. The giant toys make it look like they welcome you to the realm of happy thoughts. It’s appealing and graciously colourful with delight and at the centrepiece of it all is a girl photographed in black & white who turn out to be none other than Gaby dela Merced of Vinyl on Vinyl!

There are other interesting creatures that reside in these walls like the little tree-like looking kid wanting to be played and a portrait of “Mickey Bat Mouse Boy” seems odd at the same time coincidental there’s something you find it amusing to know there one exist in the real world unless you don’t know where to look. And then there are more paintings including three huge canvasses of Twearts that define each personality which includes the logo of Secret Fresh.

Tree trunk creatures stand guard at each post with birds on their head quite welcoming with a smile. Then there are the little ones that might surprise in the round corners of the exhibit. It’s quite different when you see in photo than its actual appearance.

You’ll lose track of time once you enter the glass door all the way up the stairs where the gatekeeper which is almost 7 feet talk greeting you to the world Christian Tamandong created from his very imaginative mind. The place is infectious with smiles that are a signature most of his characters represent and it was definitely a challenge that has begun for two months and now here it is ready to be appreciated with lots of fun.

Middle of Nowhere a solo exhibit by Christian Tamandong will be at Secret Fresh until January 8, 2013.

For more details about the artworks and paintings LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook, don’t forget to visit the site at: SecretFresh.net

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