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12.16.2012 – If you’re into ANYTHING art you’ll definitely have an open mind what others can’t comprehend you’ll get the idea of thought being philosophically deep in appreciating one. Arkiv Vilmansa is Indonesia’s pride making these creations make his country known and he keeps pushing the boundaries through his craft.

All in the Mind” captures crisp and more vibrant colors of his creation which is his third solo exhibit for Vinyl on Vinyl. The man knows how to make curve lines and colourful combinations that soothes the eye of a casual art appreciator.

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Arkiv has been to the Philippines since 2010 having the country considered his second home who love eating at Jollibee and knows how to have fun. This year his canvas is bigger and more vibrant that some of the pieces are now sold prior to having it on exhibit.

This time he makes a couple of shoes from Vans into colourful canvas much like an eye candy of creations that craves for attention. Arkiv’s art style is unique, clear, and vibrant that weaves into something that stands out among his colleagues in the urban art scene. It’s something fresh and new to the perspective that you can’t get enough staring at it.

Last night’s gallery is something to come back and definitely gives you an inspiration to create your own perspective. It might not be through art but something worth doing than just be the resource of an existing material that has become too common.

If you missed Arkiv’s third solo exhibit debut then feast your eyes on some of his pieces that is currently on exhibit for the next two weeks at Vinyl on Vinyl…

Arkiv’s “All in the Mind” third solo exhibit runs from the next two weeks starting December 15, 2012. For more details on upcoming events LIKE Vinyl on Vinyl on Facebook and follow on Twitter: @VinylonVinyl

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