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12.17.2011 – Arkiv Vilmansa’s exhibit at Vinyl on Vinyl captivates the colors and his creativity through this one-man show. His works defines all the shades of the rainbow colors and the mood of each image captures the passion of the arts.

The solo exhibit will run for the next two weeks and get to see his creations at Vinyl on Vinyl. The event last night’s show is evident of the celebration that does not look quite relic rather a fresh look at Arkiv and his works which has such a happy expression that is something to appreciate.

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Arkiv got a surprise from Vinyl on Vinyl on the same day which celebrated his birthday where he was presented with a Jolly Chicken bucket meal which was actually his personal favourite and a birthday cake complete with candle as everyone greeted him.

The opening of his solo exhibit was definitely worth looking at and if you missed the event check out some photos where the man and his friends celebrate the colourful Arkiv Relics…

Arkiv Relics exhibit will run for two weeks and for more upcoming art exhibits and events LIKE Vinyl on Vinyl on Facebook!

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