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12.18.2011 – The RX Lock & Load Lazer Tag competition was a success where all the radio shows from the Morning Rush to the Morning After competed with such flair. From cheer leading to showing off its skills and talents these fine crew of Air-Staff of Monster Radio RX 93.1 surely delivered.

The event was held at the Lazer Extreme in Ayala Alabang Town Center and just as mentioned the radio shows where present with their respective color coded themes. The afternoon was pulse pounding fun for the listeners who get to join their respective teams.

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Anyone could be part of each of these teams they just have to convince the radio DJs if they have what it takes to be part of the group.

The program did not start immediately but notable football and personality in Phil Younghusband was present to support Monica Francesca’s White Team. The all-black team was the intimidating in the bunch with some gritty looking hungry for action members. Danielle aka Dirty D of the All-Hit Daily Survey with Louie D knows who to pick in their roster.

The Radio1 student DJs are coded Team Violet with students recruited in their team, while the Morning Rush aka “Kikay Barkada” has their roster with the Rushers in Red. Alven and Sel Guevarra is Team Orange with some of the Rushers participating under this group.

Tom Alvarez with the absentee Jinri Park is Team Blue and of course Team Roro is coded Green with Jude Rocha featuring Karen Bordador minus Rico Robles who is away on a personal engagement. The last team which won the competition was Team Yellow with the Happy Hour gang led by Hazel and Cerah who definitely stole the spotlight from Team Black.

There were three games which featured skills and talent of each teams. The first game was competition between teams to make the semi-final round.

This is followed by the sharp shooting skill and the Lazer Maze where you have to go through the laser lights without interrupting the obstacle by just bending or crawling your way and back to the entrance.

Overall it was a fun filled afternoon interacting with the listeners of Monster Radio RX 93.1 and also getting to know you fellow DJs you’re tuned-in to.

For more information about the shows and the Air-Staff visit their Official Website or LIKE their Facebook Page!

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