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08.10.2012 – The 23rd Philippine Travel Mart Expo the biggest annual 3-day gathering of tour operators, hotels, resorts, and travel-related from all over the country giving you the benefit to take the opportunity in seeing the country.

The Philippines is rich in scenic spots that are waiting to be discovered by a casual traveller and what a great way to find that place you wanted to visit in this year’s PTM. The opening day started with a welcome reception for the media with a surprise fun entertainment featuring the Bb. Pilipinas candidates in their special dance performance.

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The Department of Tourism directors opened the Philippine Travel Mart in promoting the theme “Island Philippines Fun Getaways and Caravans.”

For the most part of this 3-day event what everyone is gearing up to visit are the airline booths that have special priced round trip tickets that’s as low as PhP 700.00 pesos. The first day had a huge turn out with visitors booking their flights making the reservations getting sold out.

Some of the highlights of the events and programs where done in the center stage with traditional performances promoting the culture of the country through folk dance by students in various schools who also competed in the contest. There were also raffles for prized tour packages being given away during the first day. There’s also the Eco Chorale Competition and even a Tourism Quiz Bee which is a good way to promote tourism through educational activities for everyone.

This makes the Philippine Travel Mart Expo not only the event to see and visit the tour operators but also marvel the effort some of them put together in promoting their booth for you to get a “sample” of the places you may want to see for real. The event organized by the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) showcases the country’s best places to visit pushing the tourism industry for you to appreciate our culture and heritage that we rarely see.

There are more sights to see especially with the booths dressed up for you to be teased and take a dive in traveling to these destinations. Most of the highlights are from booths that promote their provincial tourism which makes you felt like you have travelled and seen it but nothing beats the actual place once you have that real experience.

There are some notable tourism booths like the Eden Nature Park featuring the well that has flowers in them or Paoway’s miniature diorama of the windmills of Ilocus Norte or the actual sands of the that famous beach in CamNorte which is getting a rise of popularity as the next destination for your summer.

These are just some place that you should visit on your trip at the SMX Convention Centre this weekend to plan ahead this is the place to be.

Definitely you’ll get a WOW! Because traveling is More Fun in the Philippines!

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