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07.27.2012 – Dee Jae Pa’Este has been staying in the Philippines since his first major breakthrough event with Angry Woebots in 2011 at Vinyl on Vinyl. His stay in the country was originally a temporary one until things fell into the right places.

Today he has been doing live art here and there making great pieces that are slowly getting noticed. He has met great friends from all walks of life and in awe with his art pieces. It can be in canvass or in a huge wall they come out awesome and interestingly cool.

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We caught up with Dee Jae at the Rocket Room and Stella at the BGC Central at the Fort Bonifacio Global City under the strong rains and winds the man still amazes his fans. Rain or shine Dee Jae never stopped doing what he does best… Create great art!

If you have missed the night Dee Jae Pa’Este create his Rocket Girl art during the heavy downpour Friday night check out this collection of images…

Dee Jae Pa’Este can be seen hosting his Imagi:NATIVES Art & Sound Sessions visit and LIKE the Official Facebook Page.

Check out his official website at: DeeJaePaEste.com

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