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07.26.2012 – The Dark Knight Rises is now playing in cinemas and surely almost everyone has seen the masterpiece that Christopher Nolan directed for the last time. The Dark Knight Trilogy certainly defined the Batman mythology and changed superhero movies in big screen.

After the dust settled and Christian Bale has hang up his batsuit MTV News talked to the Academy Award winning actor being asked of what he thinks about the next guy who would portray the masked vigilante. His reaction is pretty much excited and acknowledging previous portrayals of the caped crusader saying that he’s excited to see it.

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Bale is very much intrigued and going through lengths in acknowledging Adam West’s portrayal of Batman in the sixties. Then he and director Christopher Nolan bringing the character back to its original dark roots that Bob Kane envisioned which brought to this interview…

The Dark Knight Rises is now playing on IMAX Theaters and tradional cinemas nationwide from Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment.

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