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06.05.2012 – Filipino singer-song writer and musician Noel Cabangon who earned numerous awards in his album under Universal Records in “Biyahe” (Trip) topping the music charts for 20 weeks.

This includes the elusive Double Platinum Record Award and a sweep during the 2010 Awit Awards.

Nearly after two years Cabangon is set to release his latest album “Tuloy ang Biyahe” (The Journey Continues) which was launched today and is also going to be sold in music stores in a few weeks.

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This album is a collaboration of OPM’s finest tunes includes songs from icons Smokey Mountain, Leah Navarro, VST and Company, Dulce, APO, Freddie Aguilar, Florante, Rey Valera, Hotdog, Zsa Zsa Padilla, among others. The album also includes some interesting tracks, personally handpicked by Noel himself.

The multi-platinum recording artist had a long road to his current success that he is enjoying right now. Noel started of as part of the group Buklod (Bukluran Ng Mapagpalayang Musiko) more than two decades ago. His music speak of the many artistic, social and political advocacies he carries as a member of PETA, Dakila, Akbayan, Amnesty International and Greenpeace.

He believes that his talent is a tool to generate awareness on just about any issue, may it be political, environmental or social. For the reason Noel doesn't just sing purely for entertainment. Respected by his peers and revered by the new generation of rock musicians, Noel is recognized as one of the most influential figures in the Pinoy music scene, in fact one of his past hits with Buklod, Tatsulok was covered by Bamboo.

To find out more about “Tuloy ang Biyahe’ here a tracklist of content from the album:

1. Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka (originally sung by Basil Valdez)
2. Anak (originally sung by Freddie Aguilar)
3. Kahit Na (originally sung by Zsa Zsa Padilla)
4. Kailan (originally sung by Smokey Mountain)
5. Malayo Pa Ang Umaga (originally sung by Rey Valera)
6. Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal (originally sung by VST & Company)
7. Usahay (Visayan Folk Song)
8. Huwag Mong Sabihin
9. Sika Laeng Iti Biag
10. Paano (originally sung by Dulce)
11. Lagi Na Lang (originally sung by Leah Navarro)
12. Iduyan Mo (originally sung by Basil Valdez)
13. Pumapatak ang Ulan (originally sung by APO Hiking Society)
14. Manila with GLOC-9 (originally sung by Hotdog)
15. Joey’s Theme (Umaga Na Naman)(originally sung by Christopher De Leon From the Mike De Leon film "Kung Mangarap Ka't Magising"
16. Handog (originally sung by Florante)

Noel Cabangon can be also seen online by just LIKE his Official Facebook Page or catch him reveal his thoughts on Twitter!

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