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02.01.2012 – Finally! It’s here! The adidas adiZero ROSE 2.5 has arrived and definitely straight look on the box the usual black with three white stripes came through via the delivery man. The morning of the first day of February is something to look forward to.

We had the opportunity to witness the launch of these pair of kicks last January 25, 2012 and the unveiling was phenomenal as pro and collegiate players of the game received each pair of the much talked about ROSE 2.5 and they did not disappoint incorporating the use of lighter materials that was introduced in the adiZero Crazy Light in 2011.

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For any sneaker head that follow Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls this is one shoes you can wear not only in the hardwood but in the streets. We had tested the use of the pair which was sent to us after breaking them out from its box on this video…

For a pair shoes built for speed this was more comforting compared to the Crazy Light though a bit heavier weighing at 11 ounces they have improved on the design. The one that was sent to us was previously used one-time during the launch event. Though we did not receive the miCoach SPEED-CELL to test how it fares well off the court its good enough we get to “feel” its strength and where adidas should improve on designing the next shoes for Derrick Rose.

But for someone who doesn’t take them on the court these are pretty much decent than comparing it to the adiZero Crazy Light which by far is not entire built for casual wear. The Rose 2.5 is a high top and they should make low version.

The aluminum gray and white colors are the “home edition” which Derrick wears at the United Center. The difference between the white color way is the Google map on the toe part doesn’t show the word “Murphy Park” and its location unlike what it’s clearly pointed out in the black version. It’s just plain graphic skin over the aluminum gray color part of the shoes. The grip is very nice and the sprint web on the side is more refined compared to the previous shoes that have started using it.

The miCoach SPEED_CELL can snugly be tucked under the foot pads which has Derrick Rose’s signature printed on them which easily gets erased. Both shoes has can have the miCoach SPEED_CELL can be placed underneath where it was built for to measure your performance and speed.

They said that you can also use another version of the miCoach device if you can’t find the SPEED_CELL retailed at PhP 3995.00 pesos.

Overall the adidas adiZero ROSE 2.5 is an improvement for a performance shoes built for basketball now applying the SPRINTFRAME and SPRINT WEB design that was first introduced in the Crazy Light. This reduces the weight of the shoes but with more stability and comfort fit.

The adiZero Rose 2.5 is now available in retail sport shops for PhP 6995.00 pesos and currently the home, away and the Year of the Dragon Edition is out now.

The “Dear Mama” (February 9, 2012) and “All Star Weekend” (February 17, 2012) editions will be the next color ways to be release soon!

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