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02.10.2012 – DJ Dilla: A Tribute to Life and Sound spins tonight at M Café which also features some of the best in the industry with Kristian Hernandez, Complex, MS Badkiss, and Heavy Boogie! plus! more suprises!

First 100 people get exclusive J Dilla Tribute Mix Compilation! They kick-off at 9pm! M Café located at the Ayala Museum will be packing tonight with awesome music from the best.

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Strictly hip hop and Dilla! With a live art painting of Jay Dee by Dee Jae. Also we got the b-boys of Funk Roots sessions as well. Gathering all the elements of hip hop with support by ADIDAS as well! See you on Friday for the get down.

If you got nothing to do on a Friday night drop by M Café tonight and get soulful music vibe to start your weekend and did we mention its FREE entrance?

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