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02.09.2012 – Safe House is an action thriller which stars Ryan Reynolds and Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington. The film also stars Nora Arnezeder, Robert Patrick, and Vera Farmiga among others which produced by Universal Pictures.

The movie’s premise was about the facility's young house-sitter escapes with the rogue ex-CIA agent who is being hidden there on the run from a group of rebel soldiers, as two men battle their way across South Africa in order to reach another secure location.

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There’s not much buzz about the film but after seeing this we highly recommend for you to catch it in cinemas. We’re not about to give away how it goes but surely several parts of the movie made us think this is one of this action flicks you should try seeing this weekend. Though several parts of the scene are cluttered up with the confusion it adds up for its raw action sequence that defined this film.

Seriously there’s a lot of people gets shot in the film with guns blazing and violence that rates this for PG-13 rating. The cinematography is glorious like sexy French actress in Nora Arnezeder’s 22 year old body. There are a lot of car chases and some close quarter fight scenes that adds element to this high octane action thriller.

Overall we got this at 4.5 rating out of five for some serious camera work and some serious gun shooting which as mention a lot of people getting shot at. Cape Town is a nice setting and the soundtrack makes this more riveting than ever which brings us to some great perspective for this film.

For those action junkie looking for something different and new to the eye catch Safe House in cinemas opening in the Philippines this Friday on February 10, 2012 from our friends at Universal Pictures distributed locally by Solar Entertainment.

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