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01.27.2012 – The FatCaps Series 3 is finally here! These cool looking anamorphic spray-nozzle shaped head and an inner rattle that mimics the sound of an aerosol are going make your toy shelves bright and colorful with 20 new unique designs from your favorite graffiti artists and illustrators worldwide.

Some of the most interesting and eye catching pieces in this set will surely make your collection quite the unique way infusing pop culture references.

There’s one FatCap you’ll notice in the bunch that will surely remind you about the iconic that Storm Trooper from the galaxy far far away by Krong of South Korea. There’s also that familiar weird looking green monster with the orange hair in the bunch from that well known videogame, which recently packing Timezone Arcades for some serious rumble by MCA of USA note a few.

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Created by Paul Budnitz and Tristan Eaton, FatCaps are customized by international graffiti artists and illustrators. This set will most definitely be sold out just seeing this line-up surely you’ll be eyeing the most interesting most wanted designs in the bunch.

Overall you can get these at your favorite urban vinyl store in Secret Fresh, vinylonvinyl and Red Nimbus. Get more information just check out their respected websites and Facebook Page for availability.

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