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11.28.2011 – The Adventures of Tin Tin has been everyone’s collection since its 9th book published in the 1940s by George Remi (Hergé). Now you’ll see Tin Tin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, and the rest of the gang in the big screen via the film produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Steven Spielberg.

For any casual reader who had the chance to read all 23 of Hergé’s books this should not be a never miss opportunity to see the big screen. The film starts showing this week in regular cinemas. For those who still want to catch up with Tin Tin the movie its based from three collected graphic novels.

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The collected adventures based in the upcoming film is from “The Crab with The Golden Claw!”, “The Secret of The Unicorn”, and “Red Backham’s Treasure.”

They say the film will be a trilogy and WETA is doing something good that critics are giving positive reviews of this film that everyone would like to see. The creator George Remi would be proud if he would be alive today to see his masterpiece come to life in this great spectacle.

The life like motion capture animation similar to how they made Beowulf in 2007 is going to give Tin Tin fans something worth watching before the start of the Christmas month. If you need to catch up on all three stories prior to seeing the film you should.

This is one animated feature you should not miss before we end the year 2011 with a bang. The Adventures of Tin Tin opens nationwide on November 30, 2011 in 3D/2D from Paramount Pictures and Solar UIP.

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