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11.07.2011 – This just in, Project Headshot Clinic: Commit has officially started. For its third year this is the biggest project is about to happen.

To all aspiring participants HSC just need a few things from you so the screening process can be done seamlessly.

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There are three things HSC may request for you to be part of this project. First, we would like you to be fans of Project Headshot Clinic, The Red Whistle and Take the Test.

If you can be fans of all three, that would be much better. Second, since this is a commitment driven cause, we need to know how big your network is. If possible, allow us to view the number of contacts you have on your Facebook page.

HSC had a few issues before with participants whose Facebook page is on private. We would appreciate if your fan pages are also visible. And lastly, we need you to visit Project Headshot Clinic facebook page on Wednesday (November 9) for the unveiling of the questions that you need to answer.

Your answers to these questions would determine on how committed you are in helping us fight this battle. As early as now, we say good luck and hope to see you at the shoot.
For more of the new Headshot Clinic campaign photos featuring Niccolo Cosme the man behind this project. This features personalities Andrew Wolf and the other half of FHM’s November 2011 covergirl Sanya Smith

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