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11.05.2011 – Tony DeZuniga best known as the co-creator of DC Comics Western Hero Jonah Hex, which found its way to the mainstream pop culture which a feature film in 2010. The movie version has Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex the creation of John Albano and Tony DeZuniga in the late 1970s.

The only surviving creator Mr. DeZuniga has been doing talks and special exhibit which features his past work for DC Comics as well as commission paintings. The nominated 2011 San Diego Comic Convention for the Inkpot Award was at Secret Fresh to conduct his latest talk as well as sharing his thoughts about the comics and the Filipino komiks industry.

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Tony DeZuniga signed some of his graphic novels of Jonah Hex and talked to fans along with his lovely wife Tina who was there to assist the comic book legend. Besides Jonah Hex he also created DC Vertigo’s Black Orchid which originally appeared Adventure Comics #428 in 1973.

But the popularity of Jonah Hex catapulted DeZuniga’s career that has spawned fan as well as contemporaries and inspired the Filipino komiks community who got inspired to take up a pencil and followed his footsteps in breaking the international comics scene.Fondly called as “Sir Tony” as a sign of mutual respect in the Philippines has been retired from doing comics work but has retain doing commission work through paintings and sketches.

His last appearance in the San Diego Comic Convention 2011 earned him the Inkpot Award, and set his permanent residence back to the Philippines. If you missed his talks you might catch him in the upcoming The 7th Annual Komiks Convention on November 19, 2011.

For now see the images captured during his talk at the Secret Fresh in the second level Gallery…

To get more details about Tony DeZuniga on when his next appearance or to inquire about requesting sketches please do SUBSCRIBE or add his Facebook account.

This acknowledgement goes to Mrs. Tina DeZuniga and Secret Fresh for bringing this event.

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