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09.20.2011 – Sam Concepcion spent his 10th anniversary in the showbiz industry last Sunday at Jollibee with close friends and the media invited to his party. Sam has grown to this big stage talent with three musicals with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, High School Musical and NOAH.

Starting September 30 until October 30, 2011 you’ll see Sam on stage again this time as Peter Pan from STAGES and Repertory Philippines. “Peter Pan is different and the most challenging performance yet as a stage play and a personal favorite,” Sam said. “I’m happy that they put their trust in me to play the main character in this huge project.”

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For the first time you’ll see the Asian version of Peter Pan, which was written by Stiles and Drewe with Willis Hall. This is still based on the original story about the child who doesn’t want to grow up by Sir James Barrie. “Peter Pan is an exciting and beautiful story made for to be musical with a lot of flying sequences,” Sam added. “It’s a perfect show for the whole family.”

Besides from Sam Concepcion as Peter Pan the musical play also stars Michael Williams as Captain Hook and Tippy Dos Santos (Idol, Shoutout) as Wendy. This is directed by Jaime Del Mundo and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo for the show.

There’s no doubt about it that Sam Concepcion is one of the talented young actors right now. He has appeared in the local films (shake, Rattle, and Roll 9, Cinco, Way Back Home), TV dramas (Super Inggo, Walang Kapalit, I Love Betty La Fea, and Good Vibes), concerts (I’ll Find Your Heart 1 and 2, Front Act performance for Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift), had recorded an album (Sam Concepcion Pop Class), has hosted and performed in a variety show (ASAP Rocks, Shoutout).

Everything I have learned in my endeavors from the last decade, you will see when you watch Peter Pan,” said Sam. “This is one unforgettable show, so I hope everyone will watch this fun show.”

For availability where to purchase the tickers of Peter Pan just call Ticketworld at: 891-9999

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