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09.07.2011 – There are times the future won’t be brighter if you haven’t thought about planning ahead. When someone ask you hear the question “Anong plano mo?” (“What’s your plan?”) We always hear this from our friends and mostly our parents when we talk about the future. There are questions being asked like “Saan planong mag trabaho?” (Where do you plan to work?”) Or “Wala ka pa bang plano mag-asawa?” (“Do you still have a plan to get married?”)

We chose to just smile and sometimes ignore the questions with a safe answer. Sometimes we just take it as is, but on a serious note a definite thought that gets us to think. It gives us the importance to understand this and definitely plan.

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Planning ahead is something Philam Life, the country’s number one life insurer, truly believes in.

That’s why, more than just selling insurance, Philam Life aims to help Filipinos achieve their dreams and secure their future by providing them the right advice and the right plan. That’s why, more than just selling insurance, Philam Life is in the business of helping Filipinos express and reach for their dreams - for themselves, for their families, for the future - with the right advice and the right plan.

Recently, Philam Life asked its planholders to send in personal stories of their dreams and plans. One of the stories written was that of an OFW, as related by his daughter Deorie.

An OFW, who happened to be a seaman, was telling his daughters how, in the open sea, it was ordinary for him to see waves as big as houses and buildings.
One of his daughters, Deorie, asked, “Do you ever feel afraid, Dad?” He answered, “Yes. But my love for you, your little sister Ginger and your Mommy is far bigger than the fear. It’s as big as my dreams for you.”

Like many Pinoy OFWs, Deorie Caraca’s dad was often away overseas, sacrificing his time with his family so he could provide them with a better life. Most of the time, he was on a ship for eight months or more every year. But whenever he had a chance to return to the Philippines, he always made sure to spend quality time with his family.

In January 2008, after another long stint at sea, Deorie’s dad came home. When he arrived, Deorie, her sister Ginger and their mom were overjoyed. As usual, they did all the things they loved to do whenever he was home, from eating out to shopping.

One thing was different about her dad though – he was always coughing. When the cough refused to go away, Deorie’s mom took her dad to the hospital for a check-up. Little did they know that the cough was caused by what the doctors would later diagnose as stage 4 lung cancer.

Perhaps the hardest thing for Deorie during her dad’s stay at the hospital was when the cancer finally prevented him from talking to her. He could only communicate with his eyes and with the grasp of his hand how much he wanted to tell Deorie not to be afraid.

On May 15, 2008, Deorie’s dad passed away.

Nobody can ever replace the loss of a parent or a loved one. But their passing can be eased by the knowledge that they somehow managed to find a way to take care of the ones they left behind.

Her dad had made sure to plan ahead for their financial security. Thanks to Anniefe Rodriguez, a Philam Life Financial planner, he was able to plan for his daughters’ education. He invested in Scholar Gold, an educational plan from Philam Life.

Today Deorie is an honor student while her sister Ginger is doing just as well in school. No matter what happens, their schooling is well-provided for.

Deorie is one of 40,000 students who benefited from Philam Life’s education pay-outs. By consistently delivering on its commitments to its planholders, Philam Life continues to be one of the most trusted names in insurance. Philam Life has given over P4 Billion in education benefits since 2004 and has provided PhP 8.17 Billion in total insurance benefit payments in 2010 alone.

Philam Life offers solutions for life protection needs – Vanguard and Guardian; for education - Bright Future Plus and for health - Health 100, Cancer Life Shield or Lifeline.

If you are a Philam Life plan holder or beneficiary and somehow your plan was able to protect your future or help your dreams come true, tell us your story. Visit anongplanomo.com.ph and share your “Sanas” (“I just hope”) or “Buti na lang” (“It’s a good thing”) stories. You too could serve as the next inspiration for others to plan their lives ahead.

Ikaw, anong plano mo? Usap tayo. (“How about you, what’s your plan?”) Call a Philam Life Financial Planner at: 528-2000.

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