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09.17.2011 – Last week the Nike Mag shoes everyone who have seen Back to the Future II in 1989 has their wish granted. In some way you’ll want the shoes is just bid through eBay as proceeds will go to the The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. I’m sure you have deep pockets to cop out a pair for prosperity for being a fan of this film.

If you have a deeper pocket you upped the ante by scouring e-Bay for the other product NIKE designed for the movie. You’ll be surprised what it was right? Well worry not as we share you an interesting trivia about Marty McFly’s jacket that he also wore in the year 2015.

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You see there were actually two apparels that were designed by NIKE for the Back to the Future film. The other one we already knew which is the Nike MAG which has been a buzz the past week and it has been a reality now that it’s finally released.

The other is the jacket that Marty have worn in the year 2015. Tinker Hatfield who designed the Nike MAG shoes revealed that he also was involved in designing the jacket which they only made two for the film that is something to own. More trivial about it as you watch this clip right here…

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