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09.15.2011 – Lenovo is making waves with their latest products specially their “Enhanced Experience 2.0” for Windows 7 series. Recently they had a private press conference talking about their optimized and improved Windows 7 Operating System on a Lenovo PC.

It really changed the way some of the consumers work. Innovating the way we use our computers in a quicker and efficient way without sacrificing quality. The fastest booting PC around is available from Lenovo we’re it only takes you 20 seconds to perform that task.

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The innovation doesn’t stop there as Lenovo not only develops faster computers they also campaign for those who wants to change the way we live and how we make the world a better place. Locally they started a campaign for the “EExtraordinary 10 Second Hero Philippine Finalist” contest which they had more than 30 entries for the Philippines alone.

Out of the 30 entries one winner emerged and who will represent the country and she is Zyra Mae Bambico a graduate at San Pedro College of Business Administration. Adding to her college degree she is a recipient of 5 awards including 2 leadership awards, writer of the year, best systems analysis and design project with academic distinction (for written comprehensive examination).

She was present and was introduced at the press conference. She talks about her 10-second entry about how it’s easy to pick up your trash. Zyra Mae is one of the 24 finalists who will be competing internationally and this doesn’t count the entries from United who will join this event.

For more details of the contest you can check out the all 24 finalists at Lenovo’s 10-Second Hero Challenge.

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