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09.19.2011 – William is a production by the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) in its 44th Theater Season. This is presented by Ron Capinding and directed by Maribel Legarda. It’s a story of five students trying to conquer fear in learning about Shakespeare as part of their high school curriculum.

It’s a great value in exposing students to the classics at this age of technology run by computers, mobile tablets and video games. The challenge in any teacher has always been: How to teach Shakespeare in an interesting and engaging manner to young Filipino students.

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It’s about sharing them that appreciation and the connection of Shakespeare’s work to their lives in this generation. The play itself is a bit more experimental with merging traditional from Shakespeare and infusing rap. This includes mixing it up with Filipino culture to the material that definitely gives everyone the perspective the messages Shakespeare deliver through is material.

The performance was superb and the technical side works hand in hand with the talented actors in this play that runs from September 2 to 25, 2011. Definitely it’s not only dedicated to the students but from those who appreciate theater and for the arts.

Engaging is one of the words that defines “William” and it introduces us to his works that we use to have difficulty understanding due to the tradition of the time it was written. PETA’s production has done something new and unique which made it fresh again to everyone’s delight.

For anyone who would like to catch a glimpse of “William” don’t hesitate to give this a second look. It’s generally entertaining and educates us once again in a very hip and unique.

To get more details to see “William” the remaining play date on September 23-25, 2011. You can visit their Facebook Page and don’t forget to LIKE to add them. They are also can be contacted on twitter all you need is follow.

You can also give them a call at: (02) 725.6244 and (02) 410.0821-22 or email them at: petatheater@gmail.com

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