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09.14.2011 – When you talk about Horrible Bosses it reminds you about your previous job and how the experience can be good or bad. The film has been out in the US last July 8, 2011 and critically it was something worth expecting as the Philippine premier went underway.

The red carpet special screening was welcomed at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell as viewers first had a taste of the scrumptious cocktail and then the preview of the upcoming films from Warner Bros. went up as well as films from 20th Century Fox which is locally distributed by the same company who is bringing this hilarious film.

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Horrible Bosses is an all-star studded cast that includes Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, and Jaime Foxx. The story centers around three friends who has been bad experiences in each of the company they are employed. The premise of the film would be quite interesting to see it for yourself.

You Worst Nightmare

What do expect in a black comedy that features jokes about racism, homophobic, and misogynistic. For anyone who would like to have a good laugh instead of stressing out on getting even with your boss why not have a good laugh at this movie. In all the performances around Colin Farrell’s character makes an interesting scene hardly you won’t notice the receding hairline and the beard that come with that nasty personality.

Jennifer Aniston could not be ignored with that nymphomaniac persona with such a hot ass anyone would like to volunteer to be abused with. The only boss you don’t want to be with is Kevin Spacey not that he’s not balding as his Lex Luthor persona in the 2006’s Superman Returns. Kevin Spacey is about to erupt anytime soon with a dark mysterious attitude that you don’t want to have as you boss.

Nobody knew who Charlie Day was in this film or did you not see Drew Barrymore’s “Going The Distance” then you should. He’s one of the minor characters there and now he takes center stage as one of the three characters being abused in this film.

To top all that Day has one lesser boss to deal with in Jennifer Aniston. Some of the viewers think why not bang the boss as hot as Aniston.

Jason Bateman was the serious guy among the three but definitely the laughs are great. The man you should see is Jason Sudeikis (who is also in the previous film with Charlie Day and this year's "Hall Pass") as he wants to give a piece of his mind about the predicament he's in as the screen rolls.

We’re pretty sure the once dead has been awaken from all this humor. To top it everything that quirky abuses you’re wondering where Jamie Foxx fits in this mad frantic story full of laughs. You surely want to see this one go down as one of the top comedies for 2011. It may took the second spot during its opening in North America but you won’t pass up to see a good laugh right now.

Nobody Gets Fired

Overall it’s not fancy nor over the top but everyone have a good laugh how Horrible Bosses turn out to be. You should see it before you miss it in the big screen as this film gets a 4.5 out 5 rating.

It opens on September 21, 2011 across the Philippines from our friends at Warner Bros. International Pictures!

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