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08.11.2011 - Crazy Stupid Love gets its special press media screening for those who are in need a break from all the action adventure. This could probably the lighter side of reality of all the block buster movies that has been out for the summer in the US.

For anyone looking to stop and smell the roses this would be the movie for those hopeless romantics with a little bit of laughter at the end of the chaotic madness and out of this world stories. Surely this is something for those who needs a bit of real world.

The film was already been shown in North America and still getting positive raves from movie critics.

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For a movie being sandwich between little blue gnomes and western meets the aliens sort of genres it has its own personality to tell. The story is very much written to the point we’re not about to spoil you in what to come with its actual plot though you might want to get in to learn something from Ryan Gosling’s character. Obviously he’s not queer and neither is Steve Carell.

This might shock you some revelations towards the end part of the film. It’s like a roller coaster which slowly inches up as it climbs a steep mount before letting you go for some interesting fun filled laughter.

Getting the jokes aside the drama is top notch and things move gradually to its climax, and you thought Marissa Tomei has run out of juice. She was actually more mature in this film than the usual leading lady who gets to do the nasty.

Emma Stone’s role and her connection with the characters was not “photo shopped” until you get the edge of that part of the scene. Everything intertwines as the pace gets interesting the moment you get to the heart of the movie. It leaves you to realize how love meant for everyone and a touching part toward the end. Steve Carell starred and co-produced this film is way different from his Forty Year Old Virgin personae nor has anything to do with his TV show character in The Office.

Well Kevin Bacon makes an appearance to this film and his second movie this year aside from X-Men: First Class. From diabolical villain to someone you’ll be seeing as THE guy. Gone are the “Footloose” days as he completes the stellar cast with Julianne Moore.

The first few scenes will leave you lost but gets you into the right direction where it goes. Of course the surprises it bring to the film namely the plot got more than just a good reception.

Verdict is that this film is rated 4 out 5 that this IS a romantic comedy with some serious implications of hernia from all that laughter you’ll ever get. This is definitely worth referring to couples and hopeless romantics in need of inspiration.

Crazy Stupid Love opens in all cinemas across the country on August 17, 2011 distributed in the Philippines by Warner Bros. International Pictures.

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