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05.25.2011 - Philips had recently launched the new face of their product in actress-TV host Karylle, who was present at The Lounge, where she performed to the delight of the media present earlier.

We got the opportunity to hear about her thoughts about the product, and the interest as the new brand ambassador.

She flew to London and Amsterdam last week to shoot the episodes, where she reviewed the latest line of headphones and accessories.

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We go beyond the press launch at The Lounge to give the behind the scene photo shoot for the product, which will feature her in posters and billboards that will be out soon.

An in-depth Full AVP by Bong Fernandez featuring Karylle for Philips documented her adventure, and also the preview of the upcoming episodes for the Nigel & Victoria viral videos that will be shown soon.

For now check out some rare never before seen images caught during the photo shoot featuring Karylle for Philips...

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