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05.25.2011 - Philips recently unveiled the latest headphones and earphone accessories for 2011. To present the newest line of accessories Karylle was presented as the face for Philips' new international campaign. The talented singer, actress, TV host, athlete, and write cum blogger bring a fresh vibrant to Philips as its new image ambassador.

One of the most established showbiz personalities in the country. Karylle has a multi-faceted persona which is the perfect choice to star in the second installment of the international viral campaign Nigel and Victoria premieres in the month of June.

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Already a runaway success in Europe, UK and Russia where it premiered in 2010, the comedy series features off-screen romance between the sexy, gadget-crazy Victoria, who reviews Philips products in a very personal and honest way; and Nigel, who just can't stop interfering, it achieved 850,000+ views on Facebook and more than a million on other platforms, like media platforms and blogs.

The first series ended with a cliffhanger, and as the second set of episodes gets underway, Nigel is searching the world for the perfect product reviewer as a replacement for Victoria. The second series will actively launched in 10 countries of which, the Philippines will have its own presence and own star Karylle.

As part of the involvement in the series, Karylle flew to London & Amsterdam last week to shoot the episodes where she was professionally reviewing Philips' new range of headphones and notebook accessories. These will appear at Philips.com and across the internet.

More information on headphones and notebook accessories from the Philips 'On the Go' range is available at www.onthego.philips.com

To see the first series and find out more about Nigel & Victoria, Visit: www.facebook.com/NigelandVictoria

Karylle had an exclusive photoshoot after the launch at The Lounge, and Philips was graciously enough to give us the opportunity to share with you these awesome photos. Her involvement in this campaign is one of two big international projects that she is starring in.

The other one is The Kitchen Musical, the first Pan-Asian television musical set in a restaurant. In the said project, Karylle is the lead actress.

It will be aired in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia which is also across 17 other countries. The said project, to be shot in Singapore, requires the singer-actress-TV host to leave all her commitments in the country for four months.

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