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05.21.2011 - Late in the afternoon aside from a huge toy launch at the basement level of SM Megamall. Nearby that event there was excitement and good vibes at The Java Man tea.

It was actually Jomike Tejido having a grand time with the kids, who followed the awesome transformers origami in Foldabots!

From the monthly pages of K-Zone magazine bursts in to the scene back in 2006. Foldabots rolled out and became a fan favorite among every kid in the Philippines.

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There where three book compilations of the Foldabots, that came from the pages of K-Zone. We had the opportunity to be part of the previous launches.

This year Jomike unveils the story behind the comic book, The Foldabots Chronicles. Conceptualized and created by Jomike with story written by Jill Arwen Posadas for the comics. If you have only known their stories through the character data released each month on K-zone this new comic book sums up the back story.

The new comic book is an annual issue released every twelve months, and you can grab a copy at all book stores accross the Philippines for PhP 150.00 pesos.

Foldabots is a Philippine original inspired from the famous Transformers cartoons Jomike had grew up as a kid. He brings these characters to life giving them with Philippine folklore. With unique Filipino characters names and concept its unique to see our very own Pinoy Transformers!

Certainly we hope to see real action figures or at lease figurines in the future. Foldabots definitely will bring kids interest to paper folding, and any true blue fans would want to own Blup as their favorite pet.

Catch the Foldabots in the pages of K-Zone, and grab the first issue of the comics out now!

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