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05.21.2011 - Free Comic Book Day is an annual tradition and also a campaign to promote reading. It always happens on the first Saturday in the month of May.

In the Philippines FCBD is celebrated in the month of May with the initial event followed officially, which includes selected comic shops and book store held their own event in different dates.

It has become a tradition not to miss Free Comic Book Day in any store, who promotes this celebration which also helps everyone get interested in reading as well as enjoy taking home a comic book.

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On its fourth year Fully Booked always held the event every third Saturday of the month in all their branches accross the Philippines. This year we get to meet the people who manages FCBD for the first bookstore who held this event since 2008.

If you missed the festivities at the flagship store at The Fort Bonifacio High Street in Taguig stay tuned for next year.

They had a selections of graphic novels on sale up to 20% percent off. There where a few sought after FCBD comics this year like the Atomic Robot, which was never given in the May 7th FCBD. Everyone had rave reviewes wanting to have a copy of this comic.

Tim V. of Pop Culture Crusader in his Captain America shirt, and his famous shield he had with him when he dressed up as Bucky Barnes alter ego in Halloween 2009.

Everyone wanted to take a picture with that eye catching shield of the famed First Avenger and even the ladies of Fully Booked would pose holding it.

Overall it was a festive event happening simultaneously in all Fully Booked branches across the country. We hope to see other shops participate in this promotional event until 2012!

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