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05.07.2011 - Lourd De Veyra has been visible in the pop culture and urban scene. He's been around long enough to be seen in the underground, and well versed with his own vocabulary that talkes about life and politics.

The front man from Radio Active Sago Project has been well known for his pechant in his opinions about the previous and current administrations. He express his thoughts through his unique poems and creative literary work.

A few hours ago he had a book launch at the Cubao Expo, where the brewing urban culture scene has been flourishing.

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Its a haven of mixed art, short films, and poetry that gives you a unique perspective about how this world makes an impact in the Filipino popular culture.

One individual who express one thought is Lourd de Veyra. He's getting a lot of people listen to his thoughts through his TV show and You Tube channel. Lourd knows well indeed.

The book Insectissimo! was launched earlier, and he himself signed it. First seen Lourd back sometime in 2001 at the haunted CCP's Film Center, where there was a poetry reading held once a month. It was unique and not-so ordinary way of delivering his opinions about how the country is now.

He injects sarcastic humor to one topic and gives us the realization how it happens around us.

The launch was packed and he acknowledges Dakila for publishing his pink colored book. It will be available in selected book shops across the country for PhP 150.00 pesos.

Grab a copy of this awesome book while supply last. Congratulate to Lourd and yes liste to the --- Word of the Lourd!

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