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03.31.2011 - The trip back to Pusan took only less than three hours, which was an astonishing perspective on the road. it was a very smooth ride that you won't feel that your in a car traveling at 80 miles per hour.

Everything that Koreans made to make their country from roads to infrastructure is a work of art. Not only you get distracted in the thing of beauty in building these man made marvels, but also captivates your point of view wny this country has prospered.

The way they put their heart on making this country beautiful resonates on how rich Korea's culture from centuries ago.

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The road back to Pusan was a smooth one traveling on a limousine car named Genesis, and capturing the road tunnels up to the bridge. Interconnected islands made the trip less a hassle and quite the experience. The travel might get you sleep as the road is unlike any other compared to the high ways in the Philippines.

This puts a shame on other countries how the Republic of Korea put so much effort, and quality on building these roads, tunnels and bridges.

The experience was unforgettable and here are a set of snaps for you to see how Korea flourished as one of the most visited places in the world for its simplicity...


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