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03.31.2011 - Inside Gimhae international Airport a bstling busy place. Arrival and Departure there's always a story to tell through these images captured. The trip back to Manila won't be as memorable compared to going to this country the day stepping out on a cold Sunday night of March 13th.

There will be more stories about South Korea after traveling back home. There's so much to share about the days spent in 18 days, and there's nothing beyond comparison how this country has opened its doors to many Filipinos seeking greener pastures.

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The coldness of the Gyeongnam Province of Tongeyong City was unbearable until it becomes second nature. The nights spent at Tongyeong Canal, and the spectacle of the Chungmu's bridge or the stories of the Haejo Undersea Tunnel would be enough a history, that is quite a perspective.

As the trip would be morable as immigration is strict handing out tourist Visas unless you know any Koreans. If you put in the perspective this adventure was quite an experience than just telling it on a daily basis.

Manila will be Manila but for anyone who can travel its a slim chance you'll ever come back to South Korea. Everything on this country is like art and their culture is richer than everyone envisioned.

For those who only cared for KPOP and the hype about it is unfortunate, that Korea has to offer more than just limited to their music.

Photo walks? You can NEVER compare it to any place, but of course the Philippines has good places to see. But Korea has better terrain when it comes to bringing its beauty, and they put it to heart that people from all over the world would be caught unguarded about its extra ordinary wonder.

The Gimhae International Airport is a piece of man-made art. For its simple design you'll get caught for how this airport as one of the busiest places in the world. Its latest teminal was opened in October 2007.

Before entering the Terminal the Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit line was still undergoing test runs on the track as one of the images included in the set of snaps taken before departure during the afternoon.

There you go... Here's the last set of images captured before returning to the Republic of the Philippines. Until next adventure awaits for now check out these images taken inside Gimhae International Airport...

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