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03.20.2011 - After seven days only a fraction of Tongyeong City was explored. Trip from Pusan and the overnight stay near Busan Station was something to experience it. Though the trip to the Gyeongsang Province of Tongyeong City has more to offer in South Korea.

Hardly for anyone who only know the capital city of Korea, Tongyeong is hardly noticed only for the serious travelers out there. Giving you a recap of the last seven days through random snaps of images captured which began last Sunday.

The adventure doesn't stop here as more photos will be shared as well tidbits of the unique places.

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For now check out these random photos not seen in the day to day images captured during the first seven days in Korea. More coverage as the adventure moves to the last seven days at Tongyeong City the province of Gyeongsang in South Korea...

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