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03.19.2011 - Saturdays here in Korea has more people crowding the Top Mart supermarket. The Haejo Undersea Tunnel has more passers by and tourist having memorable moments taking pictures for its man-made marvel.

As for the Tongyeong Canal it has more people working at the low tide. Most of them are wives of the fishermen digging up shells at 4PM in the afternoon.

There where several photographers capturing the images of red tower at the farther part of the bay walk.

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The temperature has dropped to a more manageable levels for you to be able to experience the outdoors.

Even pigeons and seagulls had a little party along with droves people gathering these shells to sell at the supermarket. This weekend is turning up good as temperature drops as we are going to experience Spring time.

Here are some random snaps from today's adventure around the province of Gyeongsang, which is Tongyeong City, south Korea...

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