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03.28.2011 - Monday the start of another work week which is another day at the Gyeongnam Province of Tongyeong City in Korea. The weather varies from day to night as somtimes temparatures drop to negative levels.

Spring time is cold but any time now Summer is about to arrive, and the cherry blossoms will bloom as the month of March will end in a couple of days. Business as usual with locals with their everyday lives. The clear blue skies are a sight for sore eyes as Korea will have its summer's hottest anytime now.

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Taveling in Korea is either by bus or take a taxi cab. Public utility at Tongyeong is a daily necessity and definitely a well organized one.

If you compared it to the Philippines you'll see how efficient their terminals and bus stops without clogging the streets. This is due to systematic organizations and the buses are numbered not named where its route will be.

The fare is less expensive and it will cost you W1,100.00 Won no matter how far the distance it will take you. The numbered buses have specific routes, and there are certain buses, that you don't need to take if your just want to be familiar within your area. Because if take the wrong bus that is not within your area you'll get lost.

Traveling to downtown up to the last bus stop near E-Mart Mall, and then back to the last turn at Chungmu Marina Resort is a smooth ride.

The roads here are unlike any terrain when you traverse along Edsa, where you can feel the concrete's not as smooth as the roads at Donam-ro. Another set of random snaps from today captured perspective...

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