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03.28.2011 - Toy Capsules are as addicting and makes you wanting to get more. During my arrival to Tongyeong city I've been pestering the machine, whenver I pass by Top Mart for groceries before exiting I have to get one on the way out.

Seriously folks this is quite an addiction that will cost you fifty pesos in Philippine currency (which is W1000 Won = $1.00 US Dollars).

Winnie The Pooh has become a personal favorite, since this one didn't cost much unlike Thomas & Friends (which cost W2000 Won).

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There where a lot of these at Lotte Mart and E-Mart, but there was none interesting than Pooh Bear to get all eight.

Currently having five already and down with three. Hopefully when i get back I have completed the set, but there are a couple of doubles before I get these together. Back in the Philippines these would cost more, and have more variety to choose from aside from Disney's honey eating bear.

I guess these five will do even though I won't get the remaining three to complete it. The Pokemons would be interesting, but they where not-so cool like Winnie The Pooh. Probably on the way back to Pusan let's see what they have there.

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