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02.16.2011 - The Philips Stereo Headphones known as the SHP1900 a Ogilvy exclusive with the company's logo. Lightweight with awesome stereo surround and definitely covers your ears without any interruption.

Perfect for easy listening that definitely Philips technology. Special thanks to Ogilvy for this wonderful Christmas gift. I didn't get to open it until last night and I was surprised to see this big black headphone.

Definitely appreciated this and I won't disappoint you all are my friends. I'm not going to treat this as no ordinary present.

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

I'm gonna rock with these Philips headphones and with a 2 meter cord who would not wear one fashionably?

Check out the Philips SHP1900 Stereo Surround Headphones from the gift wrapped to the close photo snaps of this awesome gadget...

This is one unforgettable gift and an awesome one. Thank you Ogilvy this is one cool gift for someone who listens to good music.

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