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02.28.2011 - BE@RBRICK Series 21 of blind-packed designs is an interesting set of official licensed graphics.

These colorful artistic bears from The Prodigy (”Invaders Must Die”), TRON: Legacy (Daft Punk), Twin Peaks, Barbie, DC Comics (Batman), and Karel Capek (Bee), HAZE and Harry Potter alongside a Mexican flag, and some standard Be@rbrick styles.

This rounds up with the metallic red Be@rbrick, but not just the bear with the "B". You have to complete all nine of these to form the "Be@rbrick" word.

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Last weekend the crew from Secret Fresh went on an open-the-box frenzy with the series 21. The most sought after in this series was the duo from TRON: Legacy (Daft Punk), which is difficult to catch.

Possibly you can only get these two in one box, and they are tough to find as these Be@rbricks is sold for a piece.

Unless you want to buy the entire box you'll be secured of acquiring TRON: Legacy (Daft Punk). One of the guys at the shop opened a pack, which got him the Batman Be@rbrick. I bought that interesting Be@rbrick edition, since its unique to see in a Batman costume.

Out of the twelve bears the DC Comics exclusive Batman: The Animated Series Be@rbrick stood out. Similar to the others it had articulation just like a LEGO mini figure, but with added waist movement and the legs are ball jointed. Though this Be@arbrick doesn't have a cape to authenticate being the Batman character.

This was good enough to be unique on its own, and also difficult to get if your a first timer to open a blind-box pack.

For anyone who's been collecting Be@rbrick by Medicom Toys since series one. You can get them for PhP 280.00 pesos ($5.60 US) at Secret Fresh, which is located at Ronac Art Center along Ortigas Avenue in Greenhills San Juan.

If your not familiar with the place please refer to the map HERE.

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