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01.23.2011 - News has been circulating about a Lethal Weapon reboot. If you haven't heard it from the grapevine possibly it can happen anytime soon. Recently there some high-profile titles are getting a modern look at Warner Bros due to the departure of long time executive Jessica Goodman.

The executive vp oversaw projects come alive during her 13-year tenture. She oversaw projects like Watchman, Training Day, and the upcoming Green Lantern. Since she left the company, the studio's top brass has reassigned her protfolio among several execs.

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There revealed lon-in-development remakes of The Dirty Dozen and Oh, God and Tarzan -- movie titles that have been active in the past years but haven't been made with the right talent to get the green light. Also in the list are reboots of the original Mel Gibson-Danny Glover franchise Leathal Weapon.

The properties will now get a new lease in life repacked frssh and new. Word is the talent agents are talking about potential projects and listing clients for directing or writing the material.

There are a lot to consider if any library titles gets noticed.

Leathal Weapon: A high octane action flick considered to be an "event" movie in the late 1980s seems awkward and outdated for a revival in 2011. Even though the first two films kicked ass in the box office. The concept of a buddy cop featuring mismatched pair of poclice detectives. You can not compare to the chemistry what Mell Gibson and Danny Glover brought to the table. You include Richard Donner's direction and a sharp script from a young Shane black, that turned into a heavy weight frnachise.

But if someone screwed up it could have been Cop-Out or just another movie we can't remember. A few might suggest Jeremy Remmer filling in Gibson's shoes, and get a well known action director to make this film look new again.

Warner Bros. like big budget, but let's start small, darker Lethal Weapon that might get familiar again if the formula works.

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