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01.25.2011 - One of the tv shows I've been following from the beginning on Discovery Channel was the American Chopper. Its been a while since I last saw the most recent episodes. Its been a year since the Father and Son team of the Teutuls have been divided and the tension has heat up.

If you have just recently tuned in to Discovery Channel Asia the series previous season of episodes has been on syndication limbo.

I was hoping to see the latest in its 8th season of American Choppers: Junior Vs. Senior.

When Discovery Turbo was introduced in Asia back in 2009 they moved the show there, but after a year of reruns I thought the series would be cancelled.

Eventually Discovery Channel announced a spin off, but here in Asia we thought it was all over until I stumbled on the latest season middle of last year.

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It turns out there was a drama that had unfold into a Family Feud. Paul Teutul Sr. had a disagreement with his son, which exercised a buyout of the 20% percent share of OCC (Orange County Choppers) from his son Paul "Paulie" Teutul Jr., which subsequently filed a lawsuit to force the buyout.

To make it short its not worth talking in public with the personal stuff, but the concept of a bike build off between father and son is something to see on the show.

Paul Jr. started his own company Paul Jr. Designs and former employers of OCC has assemble to be his own team. I've been missing the episodes online, that are not available on Discovery Channel Asia. Like we are far behind in seeing newer episodes of the show aside from American Chopper. I'm missing Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, Storm Chasers, Ghost Labs, and MythBusters which is a personal favorite.

So recently I browsed over to see what the guys from OCC, and PJD is up to lately. Then lo and behold to see Lee jumping off the fence (former employer of OCC) from being hired by Paul JR. Designs...

Interesting turn of events right now happening with the drama, but like I said the bike build off was the one that caught my attention. The story between these people is just the spice for them to be inspired and build these awesome themed bikes.

American Choppers: Junior VS. Senior airs on Discovery Channel in the US at 9PM Eastern/Pacific. The reruns of the previous season episodes is shown in Asia 8pm Sin/HK weeknights also on Discovery Channel. Check your local cable operator for an accurate schedule.

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