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12.17.2010 - Tron: Legacy premiered at the IMAX Theater of SM Mall of Asia in the Philippines. Finally after the long wait we've seen it in full throttle to The Grid. The world we knew from 1982 is more than just a program that was stemmed from the mind of Kevin Flynn. But its a world which is visual arresting and never before seen in the past twenty years.

Friends from the Pop Culture and Blogging community were present at the red carpet. There was even a photo booth set up for you to have your picture taken in Tron Themes. Some of us diehard true blue Tron fans can attest this film is geared for everyone.

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Congratulations and thanks to Walt Disney Pictures International for giving us the opportunity to see this film first hand. We’ve been following the original announcement ever since, that Disney is interested to bring the updated version of Tron back in 2005. We never falter to keep track on the updates online when development continued.

All we can say without dropping any hints from seeing this film, that you don't need to see the original film like anyone, who would try to make this a hype on its own. Don't be influenced by the firm belief, that you need to see the original like a corrupted program in the system. Just watch Tron: Legacy and it will give you more than enough to get back online.

The premier night was an awesome sight to be hold, and we highly suggest you see the film to be shown today December 17, 2010!

See it on IMAX 3D definitely you would want to jump The Grid and be derezzed!

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