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12.16.2010 - The world of Tron is complex, exciting and spectacular. Visually stunning yes you can say that after seeing the preview last month.

Back then the opportunity to see it on the big screen was nil and Betamax at a rental shop was the only affordable alternative.

They have shown it on local television before, and when Disney Channel started airing in Asia they showed the original film. The movie was way ahead of its time when it first shown in the big screen 1982.

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Who would have thought it will have an impact in the Pop Culture scene. Ground breaking as it is even after the film was shown several years later a cartoon like Dexter's Laboratory would make a parody with one episode that featured the Light Cycle.

This was an inspiration for John Lasseter, head of Pixar and Disney's animation group, which helped him see the potential of computer generated imagery in the production of animated films. Even French electronica group Daft Punk, who scores Tron: Legacy has held a joint, life-long fascination with the film.

These days if you try to watch the original film it would look too campy in its current standards. Its like comparing an old desktop computer to the Apple iPad tablet, when you talk about the evolution of technology in the real world.

The current outfits in The Grid are way technological now than in the original film. The women back then are limited with same wardrobes at the waht the men are wearing. But Olivia Wilde's character Quorra is one sexy pixel with pixie hair. She would look innocent but when the time to kick ass on some of Clu's Sentry see her in action.

The soundtrack plays a vital part of the film making, which everyone would feel the experience inside The Grid as well. Daft Punk certainly was inspired by the original film to be onboard making an appearance as well.

Kevin Flynn (played by Academy Award actor Jeff Bridges) lives after he disappeared in 1989 and you'll see him in The Grid. The man who created the digital frontier known as the videogame Tron looked more of a zen master than the original character we knew back then. This was how the film has created with his digital avatar Clu 2, the hacking program in the original film is now upgraded.

After they announced the production the film in 2005, being a fan of the original film can't wait to see this awesome spectacle. The preview night was not enough to salivate once techno geek's hunger to be back at The Grid and this will be tonight.

The Philippines will be one of the first countries aside from Australia to show this movie. The wait is almost over as tonight Tron: Legacy will have its press media screening at SM Mall of Asia's IMAX theater.

Tron: Legacy will be shown on December 17, 2010 and distributed by Walt Disney International Pictures.

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