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11.16.2010 - When you get up in the morning these days what's the first thing you do? Usually most people who wakes up to start the day checks on their email first. This even before you get your first cup of coffee. These days that's the common routine in this age of complicated technology.

With the advent of social networking namely Twitter and Facebook everything around online is revolving in these two platforms. If its either online or mobile you'll never miss to send a tweet or let everyone know your thoughts. It has become a viable means to communicate with everyone.

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Its either your from Australia or your somewhere in Zimbabwe communicating has become easier. With that Yahoo! has been at the forefront with the ever changing lifestyle in how we send email too.

I've been a Yahoo! Mail user since 1997 with the former Rocketmail, which they have acquired in the late 90s. Ever since then I have made Yahoo! Mail my primary means to getting my updates from getting invitations to the next blog event or receiving personal messages from relatives who are based abroad.

It has become a tool for communicating online, and I'm sure everyone does it too everyday all over the world.

So what's new with Yahoo! these days? Well for starters they have introduced the new Yahoo! Mail Beta, which was developed from the ground up. This features integration with the social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

They have introduced that today at the recently concluded launch at TGI Friday's. There where a lot more to learn about the new Yahoo! Mail, which you can communicate faster with twice the speed. this also includes new features that you can share photos and videos right from your inbox. They also mentioned that you can now search for your old emails with ease. No need to go through pages with that important message that you forgot to marked as important. Not to forget that they have improved their spam protection to organize the clutter from your inbox.

Basically Yahoo! is giving you more efficient, and beneficial for your daily needs in using Yahoo Mail!. without having the difficulty of opening more windows, when you can send a tweet while checking your email. At the same time posting your thoughts on the latest news that's out there.

One other news that Yahoo! announced is also the newly improved Yahoo! Messenger, which will now have the ability to play games with your friends online. Gone are the days you have to log-in to another web application to do so.

Its now integrated Mafia Wars by Zynga as one of the games to your Yahoo! Messenger. This also has given you the ability to chat with anyone on Facebook at the same time has the ability to send a tweet on Twitter. How's that for convinience when you talk about easy functionality? Surely Yahoo! has all figured it out to make our daily lives beneficial in communicating at a touch of our finger tips.

After the presentation they showed a sample demo of the new Yahoo! Mail Beta and the new Messenger.

They have announced that the original Yahoo! Mail Classic will still be there for you to continue to use, but expect early 2011 that the Yahoo! Mail Beta will become the primary default integrating all key features with ease.

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