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10.15.2010 - Cloud Computing is probably one of the ways of the future. You can't go over explaining it to the mainstream folk with all the techno babble that came with it. As much you try to absorb all the information it would lead to a bleeding nose and a very difficult headache to analyze such comlexity.

In a simple layman terms its basically an internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices such as mobile phones, and includes the iPad to the list on demand. Don't forget the electricity grid that uses this technology. Simple explanation right? Or just dig it up on wikipedia for more detailed meaning.

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The unveiling of NetSuite OneWorld PH was headed by Zach Nelson, President and CEO currently since he joined the company in 2002. He had a great time talking about the product, and its interesting anecdotes of information we gathered.

The discussion was lively and less technical, but manageable and understandable for those, who are not engrossed in the world of Cloud computing. He gave us the pointers and information on how the company began, which he talked about in regard to the latest addition included in the Philippine market version of NetSuite One World PH.

Fellow media colleagues from print and online media took turns to ask questions about its benefits and the improvements they included in this updated edition.

So what does this discussion had to do with cloud computing?

Recently NetSuite the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites had announced NetSuite OneWorld PH. The first cloud-based ERP suite for the Philippine market. This is a fully localized version of NetSuite One World, the first and only on-demand system to deliver real-time global business management and financial consolidation to mid-size companies with multinational and multi-subsidiary operations.

The Philippine's leading companies such as Jollibee Food Corps., ABS-CBN and Antech, makers of Dr. Edwards water are using this complex but powerful cloud technology.

NetSuite OneWorld PH had added complex features made easier for those who are using it. Mostly the multinational and multi-sbsidiary operations. Since this is a fully localized version which added features namely accounting rules, usage conventions, statutory and regulatory requirements for the Philippine market. This includes also tax reporting which requires mandated by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Basically its funtionality is real-time based computing on how the tax in the Philippines is set in its accuracy. This is the perfect solution for Philippine businesses to manage their domestic and global businesses in the cloud, whether they are located in their main homebase or a larger, multi-national company.

This is the best time NetSuite OneWorld PH was unveiled to the eyes of the media on how it works and its functionality. But not to go over the details makes perfect sense why this is the most suggested technology in regard to cloud computing.

Though I'm illiterate to its finer details we get a bigger picture how it benefits these companies to use such an ever evolving technology. The introduction of NetSuite OneWorld PH is the perfect time in response to the growing demand for cloud computing solutions in the Philippines and throuhout the region. The companies in the Asia/Pacific region (APAC) are abandonging traditional, archaic (sometimes chaotic) ERP systems that are among the most time-consuming and expensive technology investments in the business world. In which most demands efficient and cost-effective cloud computing solutions.

Overall this might be the right time to switch to NetSuite OneWorld PH for you to fully utilize, and be aware after the economic downturn a couple years ago. Everything you need to manage your business is available in your finger tips and NetSuite OneWorld PH is probably the cloud solution that you need.

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