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10.18.2010 - Ghostbusters III is a dream to happen. Its like the one a lot people gave a standing ovation to veteran actor Bill Murray aka Peter Venkman, who came out and accepted his "Best Cameo" for the movie Zombieland.

Donned his old jumpsuit in full gear from 1984 and all he muttered was... "It doesn't mean anything, it's just the only thing I had clean."

Classic Murray indeed. The news was all over the place as one fothe hight lights for this year's Scream 2010 Awards.

I'm sure geek-gasmic proportions where everyone wants and hopes to see a third Ghostbusters movie. Its gotta happen because after he came to the Scream 2010 Awards everyone went nuts with nostalgia.

Who would be? It would be cool if they came back for a third film, since the last one was so way back 1989.

This would be epic if Ghostbusters III gets done.

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