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10.21.2010 - Going back in time with 1980s is something of a nostalgia. We wish to come back to that time, where things are quirky but interesting. Transforming robots, military teams, high tech flying cars, and then there's that time machine made from the DeLorean.

It s been 25 years since we first saw the original Back to the Future film, and up until now we still talk about how cool to have a time machine.

Recently actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd with the rest of the cast had a reunion at Spike TV's Scream Awards 2010.

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With all that pop culture spectacle who would not celebrate 25 years and to commemorate the anniversary they are re-realsing the Back to the Future Trilogy in a special Blu-Ray Edition.

Toy manufacturer Mattel has acquired the license from Universal to produce merchadise related to the pop culture film. Though possibility that it might a collector's exclusive just like the ones MattyCollector.com released with Masters of the Universe and Ghostbusters.

It would be awesome that we'll be seeing toy nostalgia as well just like the Ghostbusters toys currently being sold in the US. What more great revival to see Back to the Future in the form of the these cool action figures?

There will also be a Reunion Special magazine by Entertainment Weekly, that features two of the cast from the film namely Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson. They recently had a shoot and there was a video of both the actors, which they reminisce nostalgia being on the set and some behind the scenes...

Its worth going back and remember those days, where the 1980s is unforgettable with all the those stuff was thought about ahead of their time. Just like Back to the Future it took us back in time again.

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