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10.24.2010 - Everyone is waiting. Like you and me we wait for something. Then something come along and the wait is over. There's so many reasons to wait for something, and we wait because to a promise we keep. To fulfill that promise we patiently wait. Are you confused or lost on what I'm trying to say?

Its really complex if you go to details when you watch this movie again. One of them is The Terminal. One of the films back in 2004 that I really appreciate watching all over again now on DVD. A comedy-drama directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks as Viktor Navorski a native of the fictitious country of Krakozhia. The film also stars Oscar awarding acctress Catherine Zeta-Jones as the flight attendant.

Personally bought the Tom Hanks True Story Collections box a few months back, which features movies that starred Hanks namely Charlie Wilson's War, Catch Me If You Can, and The Terminal.

Among the movies that Tom Hanks starred in the lead character I find The Terminal appealing with interesting concepts and references.

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Tom Hanks was quite convincing a native from the country of Krakozhia. Seeing behind the lines that quite convincing enough that he can't speak in English as he tries to in the first parts of the movie. The humor was fine but with mixed impressions, and mostly the story really the one that got me interested.

Some fo the actors of the film really stands out namely Kumar Pallana, who plays Rajan Gupta an ariport janitor. One unforgettable line that would always remind me of this film is "Do You Have An Appointment?"

Now at 91 Pallana still is remarkable with 10 movies under his belt simply a talented chap, that rounds up the cast in this movie.

The DVD Edition has no special options or behind the scenes material. Its just your average DVD with a good replay value. Something different from the previous Tom Hanks films I've seen this one was quite endearing to see.

There only four options in the DVD and they are: Play Movie, Audio (which has four language options), Scene Index (Selection of movies), and Subtitles.

The main menu flashes the screen with scenes from the movies, but opens first with the schedule of flights. One of the less dull main menus that keeps it quite simple and interesting to see once you pop the DVD on your player. Of course since this is an Asian release it opens first the logo of DreamWorks, and asks you to choose which language first then it takes you to the main menu.

There are a lot of references in this movie, that captivates the viewers convincing tale about a man trappped in an airport. Because he was denied due to the troubles his native country had face. Within the confines of the airport we see how he survives and in the daily basis. Interesting enough some have referred this movie from the real life story of Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who stayed for 18 years in Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Terminal I, Paris, France.

Overall its a good film to watch again something unlike the usual comedy-drama that you see. It gives you a grasp of reality "what if" you get stuck in the airport like Viktor Nanovrski.

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