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09.25.2010 - Saturday was raining hard in the mid-afternoons, but that didn't stop a refreshingly real Real Leaf Green Tea for rolling the "green carpet" to reveal one-of-a-kind The Perfect Pair earlier today at the Greenbelt 3 Cinema Lobby in Makati City.

As the curtains rolled up, the mini-movie goers witnessed and tasted for themselves how Real Leaf puts a refreshing spin to our typical green tea!

The event itself though it started late at around 4:30PM going through, and making the crowd go wild as Real Leaf brought the house down with the revelation. As the packed venue settled down to Andrei Felix hosting charms for the ladies, who opened a high-spirited day introducing the "perfect pair".

As the lights went off and the audience went wild when Real Leaf surprised the crowd their new ambassadors namely the "it" love team of Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales.

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Two of today's most talented young stars, Enchong and Erich are known individually as powerful actors and well-admired endorsers. Together, they captivate countless fans with their vibrant spirits, dynamic characters and refreshing chemistry.

They are indeed a perfect pair to be the new ambassadors to represent Real Leaf Green Tea. “I’m so thrilled that Erich and I are joining forces to let everyone experience the kind of refreshment only Real Leaf gives. It’s packed with theanine, an amino acid that is naturally found in tea plants which can help boost focus and alertness. For me, that makes it the perfect pick-me-up drink; the one I choose to keep me right on track every time,” says Enchong.

Erich couldn’t agree more. “I’ve always loved drinking tea and I was actually surprised to know that Real Leaf has honey. I never thought it could be that unique ingredient that can add that hint of gentle sweetness and make it even more delicious. Of all three flavors, Honey Apple, Honey Lemon and Honey Lychee, I find Real Leaf Honey Lychee the yummiest. And that’s the best part about drinking this product- you know it’s not only tasty, healthy too. It’s my gold standard for green tea!” Erich adds.

You've read their testimonies and seen them step up the stage to tell you how refreshing healthy is Real Leaf Green Tea. At the closing of the fun-filled event, guests and tea lovers all around were left with one last thing to answer-- Would you settle for your usual green tea or choose a deliciously reviving Real Leaf Green Tea?

Deliciously Reviving* Real Leaf Green Tea. Real Tea. Real Honey. What Your Green Tea Could Be. Also available in 8 oz. bottle in honey apple flavor for only Php10 in your favorite sari-sari stores! Real Leaf is on Facebook! Go to www.facebook.com/realleaf to know about its latest promos and other exciting treats.

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