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08.18.2010 - After their phenomenal hit "Picture picture," Tanya Markova is back with another LSS-worthy track which will tickle your imagination and bring you to a place called Disney!

Using stop motion animation, the video will make you travel to places you've never been to before. As Tanya Markova gets you grovin' with another hit wonder, that will surely be another unforgettable scene to the eye.

Watch out for the premier of their newest music video Disney on August 22, 2010 this Sundat at 9PM...

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

MYX, The Philippines' #1 music channel will unveil the upcoming video of Disney this Sunday. And to give you a teaser check out the preview below...

Andre Allan Alvarez (head dude of MMYX) talks about Tanya Markova... "rarely plays an entire album. But last Thursday, while driving (in heavy morning traffic) from Manila to Quezon City, he was able to listen to the entire Tanya Markova CD: from start to finish! He found their tracks to be amusing and clever. They were funny in a makes-me-smile kind of way, and not in the ha-ha-ha/laugh-out-loud novelty song manner.

Their content did not feel pretentious nor "pa-impress". He believes that this debut album deserves to be noticed. He's hoping that the band will stay unpredictable yet consistent in their creative direction. Most importantly, he hopes that they keep their egos in check as they are fast becoming one of OPM's bigger breakout artists of 2010."

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