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08.19.2010 - First day highlights for CAMPI Philippine International Motor Show or PIMS on its 3rd year. The environment is festive and a lot of happenings where happening per car manufacturer. There where musicians, dancers, and even live animals displayed side by side with the upcoming product models.

There where also celebrities, famous race car drivers, and well known composers supporting each of these well known car manufacturers. Its one of the most anticipated car shows of the year and why not miss the opportunity to see this...

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Though we didn't catch the beginning of each presentation the Mitsubishi booth had a little drum slamming number and a sterling performance. BMW had Ryan Cayabyab play the piano while the head of BMW Philippines had a speech. With these presentation coming along the way one they where all a stand out.

One of those most notable car manufacturers was Chevrolet, where they have been promoting the Chevy Cruze since the start of the year. This time at CAMPI PIMS first day we see the most crowded show ever to get everyone's attention. With the unveiling of their newest endorser actor and TV host Ryan Agoncillo as the face behind the wheel of the Chevy Cruze.

Sporting a racing jacket he emerged behind the dancers sans with cape on the wheel of a red Chevy Cruze. As the confetti rained at the Chevrolet display the crowed roared into the excitement when he came out the car.

There where dance performers and even cheerleaders to an opening number with acrobatic moves, that makes the presentation with lively screams a proof Chevrolet gave a show alright.

Following the live act Mercedes Benz only did was let the car their latest SAS model speak for itself. Hearing a few people say they didn't prepare for their own presentation, but the car did a lot of talking with that cool concept. A gull wing door design takes you back to the original Mercedes-Benz 300SL of 1954, but with a sexier shape that makes this car your bragging rights.

The Volvo display showed fireworks and the Asia Pacific region head for Volvo Cars had quite an entrance elevating from the hidden wall. He gave a few speech after seeing how awesome was the Volvo S60 can be. But still my interest for the Volvo C30 will remain unchanged to the fact it is a sport coupe worth giving a second look.

Most of the other exhibitors had their launch in a simple note, and its quite a definite for anyone into cars and girls won't miss this for the world.

There was two live tigers at the KIA booth, that was resting in both sides promoting KIA's aggressive approach with the release of their new products. Though its quite interesting to see something different in this car show, that is rarely seen locally until now.

On the last presentation I've seen so far was for Ford Philippines. Its been a pleasure being invited to their previous events. Most notable the unveiling of the Ford Fiesta, which gave me the chance to own a 1:18 scale replica of this global car. There was a chance to see the launch of this sport hatchback recently at One Esplanade when they showed its high tech features.

I got to meet George McClimans one of the sales representative, who was originally based in Texas who gave me a tour of the car itself. He gave me little lessons about the new concept about automatic transmission, and the benefits of having a Ford Fiesta.

The presentation was simple though there was a bit of audio problems along the way, but this had more confetti almost buried the featured car on stage.

Overall the experience at this year's CAMPI PIMS (Philippine International Motor Show) by CAMPI was exhilarating, and I acknowledge the organizers for this unique opportunity to get an invitation to see this festive show. I was there in the very first CAMPI PIMS in 2007 and it good to be back again.

CAMPI PIMS (Philippine International Motor Show) happens now August 19 to 22, 2010 at 10AM. See the grandest car show with your friends and family!

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