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08.11.2010 - Shaquille O'Neal has inked a $2 million dollar deal for two years with the Boston Celtics. As rumored a few days ago the most dominant center who is listed at 7'1 and 345 pounds has moved his address from Cleveland Cavaliers to the Emerald City. He has been to four different teams being drafted by Orlando in 1992. Winning three titles with Los Angeles and one with Miami.

He played for Phoenix and Cleveland wearing a bow tie that looked like a clip-on Shaq was presented by coach Doc Rivers to the press. On a live internet broadcast withcoach Doc Rivers was there at the table addressing their need inside scoring...

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Critics will there be talking about his lumbering moves will slow down Boston Celtics game, but all is a plus adding the Big Shamrock as what he calls himself now. Now at 38 old Shaq talks about sacrifices and the will to win to help the Celtics win banner number 18.

Watch the press conference where Shaq and Coach Doc Rivers talks about his latest addition the team...

Kendrick Perkins the team's center won't be back until the all-star games, who was injured during the game 6 of the NBA Finals five points shy in winning game 7. Which the Lakers capitalized in winning title number sixteen.

There would be doubters and critics how the big man will start the season. As he mentioned that he will play every minute he gets. This might be Shaq's last curtain still hoping to win 5 or 6 titles before calling it quits.

I guess we have to wait and see for that on his health as he approach the game this coming 2010-2011 season.

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