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08.11.2010 - Halal Certified Products aims to provide updated information to folks interested in purchasing Halal certified food products. The word Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. It means that a designated food seen as permissible should pass accordingly to their quality standards.

Just like how they show devotion in their faith, where how they follow protocol is to the Islamic law. That's where Halal Certified Food and Products mandate for what they should consume like their religious obligation to their faith...

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Mostly dedicated to give the Muslim community a high quality assurance, that the product or merchandise is given a seal of approval. Some are unknown about this that supermarkets and groceries are unaware or not familiar about Halal's certification. For the reason they have come up a list of Halal food guide, which is frequently updated and organized in categories.

The Halal food guide website gives you a list focused on certified products passed with a seal of approval, that are currently available in the Philippines.

This site will enable the Muslim community a guide of collective information about companies concerned. This will also address the needs to provide available options for the Muslim consumers.

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